Surveys and Questionnaires

Survey Invites by Email

Create an email, which you can send to a group or to groups of people. This email will have a response link.

Advertising Surveys

Email to a select group of contacts, or make the survey public.

Create a link on your website or social media. Direct a contact through to the survey response page.

The contact will need to fill in additional contact information. The system will create contacts not found on the database for you.

Survey Response Page

You can create a survey response page with a list of questions yourself.

Specify field types such as number, one line input or multiline text. Define a drop list with a set of available options. Select a checkbox or a date field.

Export Survey Responses

Export responses to your survey to Excel at the click of a button.

Each contact has a row generated on the spreadsheet. Answers displayed as columns next to them.