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Why use email templates?

Using email templates can help a nonprofit organization to save time and to ensure that their emails are consistent and professional. Email templates provide a pre-designed structure for the organization's emails, which can include the organization's logo, branding, and contact information. This allows the organization to quickly and easily create personalized emails without having to start from scratch each time. Additionally, using templates can help to ensure that the organization's emails are consistent and well-designed, which can help to improve the overall effectiveness of the emails.

In addition email templates can also be useful for thanking donors for their contributions. Many nonprofit organizations use email templates to create personalized thank-you messages for their donors. These messages can include details about the donor's contribution and how it will be used by the organization. Using templates can help to make these messages more efficient and effective, as the organization can easily customize the templates with the donor's information and the specific details of their contribution. This can be a great way to show donors that their support is valued and appreciated.

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Email Templates

Set up templates for emails. Generate email for an individual or a group of contacts.

A typical use is a donation thanks. You can either record donations individually or import in bulk. In the same way, generate thank you emails individually or in bulk. Regardless, it is always best practice to personalize thanks before sending.

You can also use this feature for a variety of other templates. Examples include a birthday email or a donation drop-off thanks. If you collect donated goods you could also have a donation collection thanks.

This video shows a donation thanks email example. You can mail merge in name, donation amount and donation date. Personalize and email to the donor directly.

If you are rather needing to send to an email to a group of contacts, you would use the Bulk Email amd Newsletters feature. This feature allows you include merge fields and will track deliverability statistics.