Donation Thanks Email

Creating Thank You Emails

Set templates for generating thanks for donations received. These can have your letter head and signature. They can contain pictures and text. Update this from time to time, to keep your thanks as appealing as possible.

Capture donations or import them. Import from bank statement, accounting package or spreadsheet. You would then go into each contact or organization and issue their thanks. A merge occurs for the first name, last donation amount and donation date. Edit the email first to personalize, or just send. Try and show the donor that you appreciate their donation.

You can send yourself a test before sending to the donor. This will help you get comfortable with the system. It is useful to do this if you have made changes to the template.

Automatic Thanks and Sending

If you have many donations, support can enable automatic tools. One is for the creation of thanks emails. The other is for the automatic sending of thanks emails. Use the donations monthly report for this. Two buttons to do this will be available for you. The first, create missing thanks, will generate all missing thanks for the month.

You could send them then, by clicking the send unsent thanks. As mentioned, you can personalize any of these thanks first. It would go a long way to showing your donors you appreciate their giving.