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You can use the system to send event invitations to all of your contacts, or to specific groups of contacts. By default, the newsletter group will include all of the contacts in your database, and new contacts will be added to this group automatically. However, contacts can choose to unsubscribe from this group at any time.

The system allows you to create the email invitation either directly within the system or by importing it from another email design package, such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact. The system also keeps a history of all sent emails, allowing you to track undeliverable messages, read counts, and link-clicking statistics. You can drill down into these statistics to see details about the individual contacts who are making up these numbers.

This video provides an overview of how to insert a registration link into an email invitation, advertise the event, and manage registrations. It also shows how to export the registration data for further analysis or use. Overall, the system provides a convenient and powerful way to manage event invitations and registrations.

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