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Registration collection of contact information

The event registation process begins by collecting the respondent's contact information, including name, cell, email, and address. The organization can specify which of these details are required and which are optional. The system then checks whether the respondent is already in the database, and if not, adds them to the database. Once the respondent's contact information has been collected and added to the database, they are then directed to the response page where they can complete the registration.

Overall, this registration process includes a number of useful features that can help organizations to collect and manage information about their supporters. By allowing the organization to specify which contact information to collect and which is required, the process is flexible and can be tailored to the organization's needs. Additionally, by collecting contact information and maintaining a database, organizations can maintain a record of their supporters and easily communicate with them in the future.

Unified Donors and Beneficiaries

Event Registration Page

In addition to the basic information that is typically collected for event registration (such as the attendee's name, contact information, and affiliation), you can also define additional fields to gather additional information that may be relevant to the event. Some examples of additional fields that you may want to consider include:

  • Dietary requirements: This can be useful for ensuring that attendees with specific dietary restrictions (such as allergies or religious preferences) are able to receive appropriate food at the event.
  • Special needs: If attendees have any special needs (such as mobility issues or sensory impairments), this information can be used to provide appropriate accommodations and support.
  • Spouse coming: If the event is open to attendees' spouses or guests, it may be useful to collect information about who will be attending with the registered attendee.
  • Name for badge: In some cases, attendees may prefer to use a different name (such as a nickname or professional title) on their event badge. Collecting this information can ensure that badges are accurately labeled.

This video provides more information about editing a registration page to collect the information that is relevant to your event. It also discusses how to use the collected information (such as catering needs) to ensure that the event runs smoothly and meets the needs of attendees.