Beneficiary Database

A recipient database is a tool that is used to maintain information about the beneficiaries of an organization's programs or initiatives. This database can be accessed through the contact screens, which provide a range of functions and features that are specific to the type of information being recorded. The contact screens allow the organization to maintain different types of data for different contact types, such as donors and beneficiaries.

The recipient database can be used to record a variety of information about beneficiaries, including their history of interactions with the organization, their profile data, and their participation in events or programs. The database can also be used to send messages or emails to beneficiaries, as well as to upload photos or documents related to their interactions with the organization.

In addition to the recipient database, the contact screens also provide a full set of tools for monitoring and evaluation (M&E). These tools can be used to track attendance at events or programs, and to analyze the impact of the organization's work on its beneficiaries. Overall, the recipient database and contact screens provide a comprehensive set of tools for managing and tracking the organization's interactions with beneficiaries and donors.

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