Beneficiary Data

General Beneficiary Data

Maintain recipient information through the contact screens. This is the same set of screens for donors, volunteers, staff and vendors.

Different data is on the various tabs according to the contact type. Each tab has specific Information. They contain functions pertaining to that type of information. Record history. Set tasks. Assign profiles. Send an SMS. Send an email. Add photos. Upload documents. Manage group assignments. See event history.

Beneficiary Custom Data

A flexible package must cater for all custom data. You can specify what to see for each of your contact types. The data you keep for donor may only require one tab to house it. This is different to the data you keep for your recipients. Arrange tabs of information for many extra fields.

The system determines what data to show you based on the contact type. In the case of beneficiaries, it will show you additional data. Can change based on program involvement.


The system can record a profile picture for each beneficiary.

You can take photos with the app. You can upload from your computer.

Search results include photos for ease of identity. Prevent duplication when capturing contacts or attendance registers.

Document Library

Store important documents in the cloud for your beneficiaries.

Add identity documents, court orders, police clearance and school reports.

The photo thumbnail allows for one photo per beneficiary. You can upload additional photographs here.