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Using bulk SMS is a useful way to send messages to targeted groups of supporters or donors. In order to use this feature, you will need an account with a bulk SMS provider, such as You can then replenish your credits with the provider as needed.

The system will handle the sending of your SMS messages to the selected groups, and will also keep track of the statistics for each message, such as the number of messages that were sent and delivered, and any issues that may have occurred, such as credit issues or undeliverable messages.

You can also personalize your SMS messages by adding the recipient's first name, which can make the message feel more personal and relevant to the individual.

The system will also keep a history of all the SMS messages that you have sent, and you can use this history to see the statistics for each message, and to drill down and see the details of each contact that received the message.

Donor profiles in the system can also help you to create targeted groups of supporters or donors to whom you can send your bulk SMS messages. This can be useful for sending targeted messages to specific groups of supporters who have certain characteristics or interests in common, such as location or specific causes that they support.

Overall, using bulk SMS can be a valuable part of your fundraising strategy, as it allows you to quickly and easily send messages to targeted groups of supporters or donors, and keep track of the statistics for each message to see how well they performed.

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