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Why would you send an individual a printed letter?

There are a few reasons why a NPO might want to send a personalized printed letter to a donor rather than communicating via email.

One reason is that some people may prefer to receive communication via mail rather than email. This may be because they find it easier to read and process information on paper, or because they prefer the personal touch of receiving a letter in the mail. By sending a personalized printed letter, the NPO can cater to the preferences of the donor and provide a more enjoyable experience for them.

Another reason is that not everyone has access to email or may not check their email frequently. By sending a printed letter, the NPO can ensure that the donor receives the communication and has the opportunity to read and respond to it. This can be especially important for NPOs that rely on the support of donors to continue their important work.

Overall, sending a personalized printed letter to a donor can be a valuable way for an NPO to show appreciation, build trust, and keep donors informed and engaged, and can also cater to the preferences of the donor and ensure that the communication is received.

Unified Donors and Beneficiaries

Printed Letters

Set up templates for printed letters. A typical example is a welcome letter to print and post to the donor. Generate pdfs for an individual or a group of contacts.

A good welcome pack could include:

  • A welcome letter.
  • A summary of your activities.
  • How to get involved.
  • Your contact information.
  • Key events or a calendar.
  • Donation details.

This video shows a welcome letter example. You can mail merge in name and address. Print out and include with the other items for posting.

If you are rather needing to print a letter for a group of contacts, you would use the Bulk Letters feature. This feature allows you include merge fields and produce a multi-page PDF file.