contact database

to manage your contacts and track interaction using In-Contact

A secure, online database to store your supporters, volunteers, staff, beneficiaries and vendors. Profile contacts to create target groups. Track opportunities, upcoming tasks and record history.
Record all data and history related to a contact as well as how you segment your supporters. This profile is represented as groups for reporting and targetted communication.
Create templates with your logo and signature. Use merge fields such as firstname or last donation. Send professional birthday messages, welcome letters and thank you emails easily.
Keep track of tasks per contact or organization. Ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, follow up calls or meetings. The diary is shared while you can also create private tasks.
Keep track of prospects or opportunities per contact or organization. Customize the steps in your acquisition process. Report to a Gannt chart each project with a progress bar and status.
Online document library for cloud storage. Archive documents per contact so they are easy to find. Retrieve documents from anywhere.
Nonprofits are required to comply to the protection of privacy act (POPI) as from June 2021. This documents outlines the steps that have been taken in order for the system to comply.

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