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Why use an online document store?

When you use a document cloud storage service, you can access your documents from any device with an internet connection, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. This means you can easily access your documents while on the go and can even collaborate with team members in real time.

Cloud storage can also enhance the security of your documents. Many cloud storage providers offer robust security measures, such as encryption and secure data centers, to protect your files from unauthorized access. This can give you peace of mind knowing that your important documents are safe and secure.

In addition to these benefits, using a cloud storage service can also help reduce the need for physical storage space. You can store your documents electronically in the cloud, rather than having to keep paper copies or maintain on-premises servers. This can help free up space in your office and can make it easier to find and access your documents.

Unified Donors and Beneficiaries

Beneficiary document library

In Contact offers a secure document storage platform that allows you to upload and store documents and photos in the cloud. The data is organized according to contact, organization, and event, providing easy access and organization. Additionally, our platform employs additional security measures to store documents in a non-publicly accessible folder, protecting your data in the event of a breach.

Our document library provides a secure and convenient place to store and access your files from any device at any time. You can use the document library to store all types of files related to a contact, organization, or event, such as photos, identity documents, school reports, indemnity forms, police clearances, and proposals.

This video demonstrates how easy it is to use our document storage feature to keep your files organized and accessible. With In Contact, you can confidently store and manage your important documents in a secure and convenient way.