Attract funding through

monitoring and evaluation

of the work you do with In-Contact

Be responsible for recipient database and history with a secure, online database. Track group activities and individual interventions to generate yearly statistics. Measure behaviour changes made to your beneficiaries through impact analysis.
Custom beneficiary database for your non-profit with all your data requirements. Detailed history and note types. Create tasks per contact. Photos and document library.
Track attendance at events to record contact attendance data that will contribute to your statistics. Either capture form scratch or use auto-fill to quickly populate them and perform roll-calls.
Track one-on-one interactions and record the detail of them against each contact. The system generates automatic attendance registers for these that are used to help contribue to your statistics.
Create a before and after survey to measure changes to behaviour, after contacts have been through a program. Question answers are compared for an impact analysis to ensure programs are effective.
A full analytic breakdown of your team's effort. Statistics rolled up into one row per event type. Columns split by location, gender and metric, such as race and disability, according to your needs.
Capture attendance and contact data as per the layout of the web interface using mobile devices. Works both online and offline on affordable devices meeting the needs of South African conditions.

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