Contact Data

General Contact Data

Donors, staff, volunteers, vendors and beneficiaries. All maintained through the same set of screens.

Show different information the various tabs by the contact type. Tabs group types of information. Functions per tab pertaining to that type of information. Record history. Set tasks. Assign profiles. Send an SMS. Send an email. Record donations. Generate IT38b tax certificates. Upload documents. Assign to group. See event history. View opportunities.

Contact Custom Data

Recording custom data is key to a flexible package. Specify what data you want to see for each of your contact types. Donor data may only require one tab to house it. This is different to the data you keep for your recipients. This may require many extra tabs with many fields.

The system determines what data to show you based on the contact type. For beneficiaries, you may need extra fields for your different programs.


The system will create recurring tasks on your calendar. Based on birthdays and anniversaries.

Record multiple tasks against each contact or organization. Keep interaction records to build a history for the contact. Create other ad-hoc tasks on the diary screen if required.

Tasks are by default assigned to all users of the system. You can delegate tasks to specific users if required.

Groups and Profiles

As your database grows bigger, it is important that you can segment it. Do this by profiling your contacts.

Examples of this would be location, interests and donor type. This can vary from organization to organization. The system will present these key indicators to you in a profile tab. These can be by a single select option, such as location. A multiple select option would be interests. It could just be checkbox such as Board Member.

Groups can arranged by category, within the system, to keep it tidy. You can target a bulk email to a specific group of people. You can run reports against different group criteria.

Prospect Tracking

Opportunities are requests for funding. They follow a predefined set of steps. This is from initial requirement to obtaining funding. Record these against organizations or contacts.

Report on these in a Gantt like chart across the board. Where you are in the process will reflect as a progress bar. Status will determine the groupings. A target date approaching will determine the colour of the progress bar.