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Specific information that a nonprofit needs to include can vary depending on the organization's needs and preferences. Some common types of information that we cater for in the donor database are:

Contact details: This can include the donor's name, address, email address, phone number, and any other relevant contact information. This is essential for maintaining communication and engagement with the donor.

Donation history: This can include details about the donor's past donations, such as the amount, date, and method of payment. It can also include information about thank you emails that have been generated and tax certificates that have been issued.

Communication preferences: This can include details about the donor's preferred communication channels and frequency, as well as any opt-out preferences they have expressed. This can help organizations to communicate with donors in a way that is respectful and engaging.

Personal and demographic information: This can include details about the donor's age, gender, occupation, interests, and other personal details that can be used for segmentation and targeting. This can help organizations to tailor their communication and engagement efforts to the individual donor.

Relationship and engagement history: This can include details about the donor's relationship with the organization, such as events they have attended, groups they belong to, and other interactions. It can also include a history and tracking of opportunities for engagement, such as volunteering or advocacy.

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