Attendance Registers

Event Types

Set up for your organization includes all programs or event types. Set up includes all locations that you operate in. An attendance register needs selecting a program, a location and date. This forms the primary divisions for your statistics.

Break many programs up by department. When you create a program you would select the department first and then the program. You would only see registers relevant to that department selected.


Capturing attendees requires first name, surname, gender. Date of birth or identity number required as well. This would be used to create the contact in the system if they do not exist. Include additional contact information as desired.

Define your metrics you want to report on. This includes and a specified list of options for each. Examples would be race, nationality, disabilities and religion. Through these a full breakdown of statistics becomes available to you.

Auto Fill

You create an initial attendance register for the year. This can form the basis for attendees for the rest of the year. Autofill adds expected attendees based on previous events.

Don't recapture each attendee for each event. Your staff can rather perform a roll call. They then tick contacts as being present or not. Add additional contacts as needed to these attendance registers.