Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

Why should an NPO record attendance?

There are several specific reasons why nonprofit organizations should record attendance at their events and programs. For example:

  • Tracking attendance can help organizations to measure the success of their programs and events. By knowing how many people are attending, organizations can determine whether their programs are reaching the desired audience and whether they are achieving their goals.
  • Accurate attendance records can also be used to support grant applications and reports. Many funders require organizations to provide detailed information about the number of people who are participating in their programs, and accurate attendance records can help organizations to provide this information.
  • Recording attendance can also help organizations to identify trends and patterns in participation. For example, organizations may notice that certain programs or events are consistently more popular than others, or that participation tends to be higher at certain times of the year. This information can be used to inform future planning and decision-making.
  • Finally, tracking attendance can help organizations to identify areas where they may need to provide additional support or resources. For example, if an organization notices that attendance at a particular program is consistently low, they may need to review the program and make changes to make it more appealing to participants.

Overall, recording attendance is an important part of managing and evaluating the success of a nonprofit organization's programs and activities. By accurately tracking attendance, organizations can gather valuable information that can be used to improve their programs and support their goals.

Unified Donors and Beneficiaries

Program Tracking

Activity tracking for your organization is the process of monitoring and recording the participation and attendance of individuals in the various programs and activities offered by your organization. This can include programs such as feeding programs, educational programs, youth development programs, economic development programs, and EYCD programs, as well as workshops and other events.

An attendance register is a record of who attended a particular program or activity, and is typically organized by program, location, and date. This allows for the easy tracking and analysis of participation and attendance over time.

In some cases, it may be useful to further break down programs by department, in order to get a more detailed view of participation and attendance within a particular program area. When creating a program, you would first select the relevant department, and then the specific program. This would ensure that only attendance registers relevant to that department are displayed.