Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

How should you manage your programs?

The monitoring of attendance registers is an important part of managing programs in a nonprofit organization. This can help to ensure that the organization is providing services to the individuals it is intended to serve, and that it is meeting its goals and objectives. By regularly checking attendance records and tracking the number of individuals participating in programs, nonprofit organizations can identify any potential issues or challenges and take appropriate action to address them. For example, if attendance at a particular program is low, the organization may need to reassess the program and make changes to improve its effectiveness and attract more participants. In this way, the monitoring of attendance registers can help nonprofit organizations to better manage their programs and achieve their goals.

There are several ways to check if staff are filling registers accurately. One approach is to randomly spot-check the attendance records to ensure that they are accurate and complete. This can be done by selecting a few dates at random and comparing the attendance records to other documentation, such as sign-in sheets or program logs, to verify that the information is correct. Another approach is to provide staff with regular training on the importance of accurate record-keeping and the procedures for filling out attendance registers. This can help to ensure that staff understand the importance of this task and are able to do it correctly. Additionally, providing staff with clear guidelines and instructions for filling out attendance registers can help to reduce errors and ensure that the records are accurate.

Unified Donors and Beneficiaries

Event List Report

The event list report is a key management tool for tracking activities and managing your staff.

Generally the initial event for the year needs attendees captured. Most of the subsequent events will be auto-filled from previous events. This requires a roll call at each event. This report will highlight those events that have not had roll calls captured by staff.

Using this approach is much quicker for your capturers and makes it easier to manage. Most organizations have one person responsible for the calendar of events for the year. They create the events ahead of time, instead of letting capturers create events themselves. Upon creation each register has all prior attendees added but none of them are marked as attended. As roll calls are performed, this status changes. On a weekly basis or monthly basis management then review progress using this report.