New Tax Certificate Layouts

This explains how the new layouts work. Once you have sent out your certificates for last year, please let us know and we will try our best to change every site's certificate templates as quickly as possible. Please do not issue certificates for this year's donations on the current layout.

For individuals you already have the required fields for name, address, telephone, email and id. The extra fields are located on the certificate tab:

From this data we can create the certificate by introducing a 'donor details' section which can concisely bring through address, email and telephone, according to the information you have on file. A fixed block is added for Type of Donor (which is always Individual). The line below it is populated only if you have the id number. The income tax number is added only if you have that.  In this way we can produce a nice document without gaps in it. 

For organizations, on the general tab, we have the required org type and company reg no. The list shown are the default groups that have been created for you, and you can add or remove from this list. For sites that already had this as part of their custom profile, it has been moved to here, but your list has not changed. 

On the organization certificate this type of donor then comes on through together with the registration number.

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